Friday, April 06, 2012

Via Crucis XIII: A Raw, Gaping Hope

Jesus is taken from the cross. He lies over his mother's lap, a weight pulling her off balance as in the last days before his birth. She who held God within her is left holding only hope in her raw, gaping heart.

The Passion never fails to pull me off balance. Eighteen Easter's ago I was enormously pregnant, unbalanced, unwieldy, unsure. We eagerly hold up hope in the Incarnation, gazing on the child lifted from his mother's womb, but to see hope in this weight Mary balances for us is a pure, unadulterated grace, one we can hardly bear to pray for, for it is a sight we can hardly bear to behold.

Meditation is from the feature published in the March issue of the Catholic Standard & Times. Follow the meditations under the tab above: Via Crucis: Meditation on the Passion.

Image is from Wikimedia. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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