Sunday, March 30, 2008

Up on the roof

(With apologies to James Taylor...)

Bead Girl, Barnacle Boy and the Kid with the Hair marched into my kitchen. "We're going up on the roof!" announced the Boy. That would be no. "Why do you need to go onto the roof?" "We're bored." I sent them to the playground.

Later that same afternoon....

"I have a sudden urge to go onto the roof," muses the Boy. Still bored? Yep. Suggested he empty the dishwasher. He's not that bored.


  1. Classic.

    Teach him some theology.

    Then he can say, “Mom, I’m up here on the roof with Peter, getting a vision, only this one’s telling me not to go down off the roof into the kitchen.”

    What fun.


  2. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I could think of a few things to do when bored, but being up on a roof wouldn't be one of them :)

  3. ... hehe ... here’s a mother, trying to raise her son ... and you say a thing like that ... besides, chemists don’t know anything about that ... they think ratios of pheremonal efficiency ... poor kid ...