Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sign, portents and all that jazz

Some signs are easier to read than others. Last Tuesday I drove 250 miles to Richmond, Virginia for a workshop. Through Baltimore and DC in the late afternoon, hoping against hope to miss the worst of the rush hour. Along 95, just outside DC, I notice all these cars parked on the left hand shoulder. Why? Traffic is moving along nicely, I see the entrance to the high occupancy vehicle lane (3 or more) coming up on the left and note that after 6, anyone can use the lane. Just after the one and only entrance to the lane traffic comes to a crawl for the next 10 miles. Meanwhile, the HOV lane is flying by. Now I get it, it was 5 minutes before 6. Better to pull over and wait the 5 minutes and use the HOV lane, than to spend 30 crawling the same ten mile.

After the half hour of regret for having misread the sigh, I was treated to a beautiful portent - a rainbow that arced from the clouds to the ground literally in front of my eyes.

All in all, 10 hours in the car, reading the signs (road and otherwise) and listening to wonderful jazz. Translucent Soul (thanks Stratoz), Stitched Up...

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