Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Counterpoint: Chemistry and Calvin

It's a frequent trope in musical theater, two solos sung in counter point — often underscoring two characters vying for affection, or perhaps attention. Cut to last night, in the living room:

The Boy (chemistry book open on lap): So, I'm not really getting this ratio thing. If you have a higher atomic number, you want to lose neutrons...
Crash (simultaneously, European history notes in his lap): Do you know anything about Calvin?

Mom (attempting to diffract): Yes/Yes.

The Boy: Why do you get beta decay?
Crash (at the same time): What is Calvinism now?

Math Man (entering stage right): What did they say about the kitchen?

Two simultaneous conversations I can almost handle, the third sent me over the edge. I diverted Crash by asking him if he knew Calvin's five points, suggested to The Boy that he might have done enough nuclear physics for the night and then fled for my study!

Read about Calvinist chocolates here.


  1. Haha! A person can divide her attention only so many ways. My head would be spinning after all that.

    LOVE the song--one of my favorite Godspell tunes and now it's going to be stuck in my head all day. And that's NOT a problem, except for the part where I can't decide which melody I'm going to follow.

  2. When did "mother" become "knower of all things"? When my family starts doing this to me, my mantra is "Google is your friend...."